My novel on shelf of public library!

Dec. 8, 2016

First printed author's copies received!

Finally, the book is in print! Now for the sales!


My novel is a romantic fantasy based on reincarnation.  It consists of three parts, each part taking place in a different century.  This is a history of five souls (three masculine, two feminine) who are drawn together time after time to work out their destinies with one another.  The two central characters (soulmates) came here from another world. The twin souls become my protagonist and histrue love throughout the following ages, attempting to find one another again.

 The protagonist is shown as a medieval knight of king Arthur, a French fur trapper, and finally, as a New York artist. Originally, he was a king himself on another planet, but of course, he has forgotten his true identity.

 Two women are fatally drawn to fall in love with him again and again.  In the final lifetime, these women are born as biological sisters.  One of them is the soulmate; the other, the perpetual rival.  My five characters (who frequently reincarnate in karmic family patterns) must undergo classic love triangles and grim reckonings in the form of attempted murders, suicides, even accidental deaths.  All in the name of love.

At long last, the two soulmates are reconciled in New York in the 1970's; they happily elope to another state.  That very evening they are taken onboard an alien spacecraft.  They are astonished to learn that in actuality they are the former king and his consort from another world! And they are offered the incredible opportunity to return and help rebuild their former world once again.

See Table of Contents for further information on my characters.





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about the time I began writing - Colorado

Michael & Lynda in Part 3